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Currently working hard writing my next gamebook

 I have written the following stages so far - Village - You interact with some people, can play a little game and find out the secret of the village. Countryside - You are caught in a storm and have to decide where to shelter for the night. Either route has consequences! Woods - Explore and encounter the denizens therein! Plains - An strange meeting with a man who is not what he seems and other encounters. I still have just as many to write and they have a lot more entries!

A little light reading

  I bought the first ten books in the second Wizard / Icon series of Fighting Fantasy reissues. I've really enjoyed playing through them. Yes I cheat. I never really got into playing 'proper' D&D with dice and journals etc. I was always more interested in actually reading and imagining the world that the words created. Stopping to throw dice and write / erase stuff just ruined the whole illusion and flow for me personally. I've learned a lot though, there are some very interesting game mechanics that have given me lots of ideas to make my books better. So I bought some more ;) Unfortunately decent copies of some of the books are getting hard to find or are astronomical in price. Howl of the Werewolf, a book which seems almost universally liked goes for silly money and Curse of the Mummy is also pretty pricey (both were written by Jonathan Green). As you can see I've bought some of the first series books too, so I'll keep trying to complete the set as best I