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Monstrous Mythology ebook now available

I've finally published Monstrous Mythology as an ebook, available to purchase from Amazon or read if you have Kindle Unlimited. The software I usually use to create books, Vellum  couldn't handle the amount of links inside my book and slowed to a crawl. I use an M1 Mac so I haven't got the slowest computer out there but every mouse click or key press took a couple of seconds to register. It's great for editing a book with no links but once they start to add up, everything slows to a halt. So I decided to see if I could edit it in Sigil  and was pleasantly surprised. Because I was just editing the underlying HTML files and the software wasn't trying to do any fancy formatting tricks, I was able to put a basic ebook together in a relatively short time. Granted it's as basic as they come with each section on a separate page and extremely basic formatting but the book is still playable. If you are creating your own adventure gamebook, it is worth experimenting with