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I'm still here!

 Family illness has prevented me from concentrating on my writing. I was hoping to get a book out for Christmas but its not going to happen :( This one will have to wait for next December. Merry Christmas!
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Monstrous Mythology ebook now available

I've finally published Monstrous Mythology as an ebook, available to purchase from Amazon or read if you have Kindle Unlimited. The software I usually use to create books, Vellum  couldn't handle the amount of links inside my book and slowed to a crawl. I use an M1 Mac so I haven't got the slowest computer out there but every mouse click or key press took a couple of seconds to register. It's great for editing a book with no links but once they start to add up, everything slows to a halt. So I decided to see if I could edit it in Sigil  and was pleasantly surprised. Because I was just editing the underlying HTML files and the software wasn't trying to do any fancy formatting tricks, I was able to put a basic ebook together in a relatively short time. Granted it's as basic as they come with each section on a separate page and extremely basic formatting but the book is still playable. If you are creating your own adventure gamebook, it is worth experimenting with

Correx / Coroplast Kayak

While I am still having trouble getting back to my writing, I've been indulging in another interest of mine - small boats. I currently live within walking distance of the water so I've been experimenting. Having been intrigued by the designs of Paul Elkins and other trailblazers, I ordered a sheet of 4mm 4 x 8 Correx and after some careful measuring and scoring, folded it into a small kayak. It's held together with 6 cable ties and for the first successful test had a couple of strips of electrical tape at bow and stern. For the next outing, I covered the bottom with duct tape to give some protection when landing / launching and built a small internal frame to stiffen up the hull and give some back support. It is only suitable for sheltered waters but is fairly stable, sits nicely and can handle some larger waves and chop without giving cause for concern. Next experiments are to fit some kind of oarlock, try a drill powered propellor and fit a very small sail and rudder! In

Haunting tales and 50's sci-fi

 I have been ill for the last couple of months with the dreaded Covid among other things and have found myself quite unable to concentrate on writing. Instead I have spent time watching some old 1950's sci-fi movies and reading a lot of books. I can still recommend 'This Island Earth'. It's an easy way to spend an hour or so when you are unable to concentrate on anything. I was pleasantly surprised by 'Not Of This Earth' which was much better than I expected it to be and 'Fiend Without A Face' was right up my alley with menacing tentacled brains rendered in glorious stop motion. All are available on Youtube. I am a big fan of M R James and his haunting tales and have been reading books by many of his contemporaries. They are all collections of short stories which I can consume at an alarming rate. In no particular order, I have been reading - A M Burrage W F Harvey E F Benson Algernon Blackwood H R Wakefield Margery Lawrence W W Jacobs Frederick Cowles S

Monstrous Mythology now available

 I have just published my latest adventure gamebook Monstrous Mythology Available as a paperback from Amazon - Invited to a talk by the local historical society you fall asleep ... only to awaken in an ancient world full of mythological monsters. Can you defeat the dreaded Hydra or will you succumb to the many dangers you must face during your quest? Arm yourself with a pencil, eraser and optional D6 dice as you try to survive - Monstrous Mythology.

Just a quick update

 Two more stages finished on my current gamebook. The Lake - An opportunity to earn some money and go for a little swim - if you dare. The Mountains - Two deadly adversaries. Will you prevail? Just two more to go!

Currently working hard writing my next gamebook

 I have written the following stages so far - Village - You interact with some people, can play a little game and find out the secret of the village. Countryside - You are caught in a storm and have to decide where to shelter for the night. Either route has consequences! Woods - Explore and encounter the denizens therein! Plains - An strange meeting with a man who is not what he seems and other encounters. I still have just as many to write and they have a lot more entries!