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Haunting tales and 50's sci-fi

 I have been ill for the last couple of months with the dreaded Covid among other things and have found myself quite unable to concentrate on writing. Instead I have spent time watching some old 1950's sci-fi movies and reading a lot of books. I can still recommend 'This Island Earth'. It's an easy way to spend an hour or so when you are unable to concentrate on anything. I was pleasantly surprised by 'Not Of This Earth' which was much better than I expected it to be and 'Fiend Without A Face' was right up my alley with menacing tentacled brains rendered in glorious stop motion. All are available on Youtube. I am a big fan of M R James and his haunting tales and have been reading books by many of his contemporaries. They are all collections of short stories which I can consume at an alarming rate. In no particular order, I have been reading - A M Burrage W F Harvey E F Benson Algernon Blackwood H R Wakefield Margery Lawrence W W Jacobs Frederick Cowles S